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Algunas palabras sobre mí

     My name is Laureano TROITIÑO CACHAFEIRO  and I was born in Cotobade (Pontevedra) in the year 1955. I live and work in the small and quiet thermal town of Cuntis (Pontevedra).

     Given that my childhood was spent in a rural environment, those experiences were responsible for my acquiring a true passion for nature, this being the most recurrent theme in my work.  

     Away from the popular belief that the Galician landscape is melancholic, sad and misty, my palette is made up of bright colors full of light and joy; and a characteristic of my canvases are their splendid blue skies, occasionally dotted with clouds that do not break their summer charm.

     Although I have a very personal way of representing everything I observe in nature on my canvases, I juxtapose classical landscape aesthetics with contemporary philosophy. My painting is heavily influenced by MJ Smith ; but also by Neil Simone , Rene Magritte , and Salvador Dalí .

    In my pictorial career, two very different stages can be distinguished. The first: in a realistic, orthodox style. The second: an avant-garde, innovative and creative style.

     I participated in individual and collective exhibitions in different galleries, local and national and foreign public institutions.

     My future plans, in the medium term, include setting up exhibitions in Paris, London, and New York.

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